Summer Glow

The grass sparkles as the sun sets in Moorsel, Belgium.

Bad Hair Day

Flies hover around this delightfully scruffy horse whose hair is constantly being blown around by the wind. Photographed in Leefdaal, Bertem, Belgium.

Abandoned - Nezbudská Lúčka, Slovakia

Graffiti adorns the side of this derelict house in Nezbudská Lúčka, Slovakia.

The Golden Field

A view over the fields in Moorsel, Tervuren, Belgium. Camera: Bronica S2 (6x6) Film: Kodak Fuji PRO160C

Magical Terchová - Žilina Region, Slovakia

A shot of the glorious Terchová region near Žilina in Slovakia where the jagged rocks rise up high each side of the road. The area is famous for hiking/trekking routes and also skiing during the winter. This really is worth seeing so if you get the chance, visit Slovakia. Camera: Bronica S2 (6x6) Film: Kodak Portra 160VC-2

House by the Tracks - Nezbudská Lúčka, Slovakia

A view of a derelict house alongside the railway tracks at Nezbudská Lúčka, Slovakia.

Varín Cement Works - Žilina Region, Slovakia

A view over the fields at the Cement Works in Varin, Slovakia. Camera: Bronica S2 (6x6) Film: Kodak Portra 160VC-2

Powerlines - Varin, Slovakia

Powerlines run overhead whilst on a winter walk in the lands beyond the village of Varin, Slovakia.

Strečno Winter Walk

A winter scene whilst walking along an icy dirt road from the village of Varín past derelict buildings, overlooked by Strečno castle and the Mala Fatra mountains in Slovakia.


Horses caress each other affectionately as others graze in the background in the fields near Leefdaal, Bertem, Belgium.

Kantary Bay - Phuket, Thailand

A view over Kantary Bay with local long-tail boats in the foreground.

Waterfall II - Terchová, Slovakia

Waterfall - Terchová, SlovakiaAnother small waterfall in the forests surrounding the Diery region, Terchová, Slovakia.

The Sleeping Wagons - Varín, Slovakia

Around the village of Varín in Slovakia, the railways typically carry locally produced coal, cement and cars. Here, the wagons finally sleep. Camera: Bronica S2 (6x6) Film: Kodak Portra 160VC-2

Forest Cascade

A trickling waterfall cascades its way through the forested Diery region, Terchová, Slovakia.

Waterfall - Terchová, Slovakia

A small waterfall in the forests surrounding the Diery region, Terchová, Slovakia.

Waterloo 1815

A view over the fields surrounding the war memorial known as the Lion Mound Hamlet, located at the heart of the battlefield where the English, Dutch and Prussians armies famously defeated the French on 18th June 1815. Camera: Bronica S2 (6x6) Film: Kodak Portra 160NC-2

House on the Horizon

A house stands isolated on the open Flemish landscape in Vossem, Belgium.

Slovak Thistle

A Slovak thistle is set to blossom on the hills of Diery region, Terchová, Slovakia.

The Cliffs - Phi Phi Island, Thailand

A boat drifts alongside the cliff faces of the island en route to Maya Beach.

Seaweed Scatter - Saint Malo, France

As the tide moves out, seaweed is scattered across the beaches, creating a splash of reds, greens and blacks.

Beach Trees - Saint Malo, France

An abstract detail of the "beach trees" which line up to form breakwaters at Saint Malo, France.

Red Farmhouse

Immediately adjacent to the white farm building in Vossem, Belgium, is this red farmhouse. Again, the dark sky made for an interesting photo.

Veľký Fatranský Kriváň - Slovakia

A view from the top of Veľký Fatranský Kriváň in the Malá Fatra mountains in Slovakia. Height = 1709m.

Diamonds are Forever

The snow sparkles like diamonds on the Tatras mountain slopes in Slovakia.

The bull & dog - Phuket, Thailand

I came across these two wonderful characters whilst on a tour of Phuket. Amusingly, the two appeared to be on non-speaking terms. I guess the wedding's off! Camera: Nikon FE Film: KODAK Portra 160VC